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HS268 Eletric Folding Scooter (SCO-HS268)

HS268 Eletric Folding Scooter (SCO-HS268)

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The CTM HS-268 is a unique compact folding scooter that doesn't require any manual folding. With a simple push of a button, the scooter auto-folds making it that much easier for you to use, store away and pack into a car for transport. With modern touch-screen controls, driving the scooter is super simple with a few speed options available. The scooter is only 30kg, making it easy to lift into car boots, onto public transport or put away.


Maximum User Weight 115 kg
Motor size 250W 4900rpm
Battery Size 24V 11.6Ah
Maximum Speed 8 kph
Range Up to 12 km
Overall Length Folded: 775mm | Unfolded: 953mm
Overall Width Folded: 494mm | Unfolded: 500mm
Overall Height Folded: 510mm | Unfolded: 960mm
Ground Clearance 43 mm
Grade Climbable 6 degrees
Curb Climbing 40 mm
Turning Radius 1120 mm
Seat Type Padded Foldable
Seat Width 419 mm
Wheels 200 mm front and rear
Weight with Batteries 30.6kg / 67.5lbs
Battery Weight 2.8kg / 6.2lbs
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