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Derby Tap Turners (KIT-343)

Derby Tap Turners (KIT-343)

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SKU: KIT-343

The Derby Tap Turners are a gripping aid designed to aid those with limited hand grip and visual impairments. Turning taps on and off can be difficult for people with poor grip but these tap turners are an independent living aid which, not only add extra leverage to the tap making it easier to turn, but also make the taps easier to see as well.

The extended handle of these daily living aids provides more leverage when turning taps to reduce the strain on hands and make it easier to run water without causing discomfort or having your hands slipping.

The Derby Tap Turners will fit both cross head and crystal style taps are easy to install, with a white cap that simply fits over the tap head and the handle can be screwed in to provide a tight, sturdy grip.

The handles of the Derby Tap Turner gripping aids are soft and textured for comfort and colour coded red and blue for hot and cold taps, respectively. This improves the safety of the tap turners, reducing the risk of injury or scalding from hot water.

With these useful mobility aids, everyday tasks and activities of daily living are easier and more comfortable to complete.


Full length: 179mm (7 inches)

Handle length: 90mm (3.5 inches)

Height: 49mm (2inch)

Cross Head (Capstan) Tap: 60mm (max) / 40mm (min)

Crystal Tap: 60mm (max) / 48mm (min)

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