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Roho LTV SEAT® Cushion (LIV-CU4341, LIV-CU4340)

Roho LTV SEAT® Cushion (LIV-CU4341, LIV-CU4340)

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SKU: LIV-CU4340, LIV-CU4341


The LTV Cushion is a non-medical cushion application for anyone who sits for extended periods of time. The LTV Seat Cushion is a lightweight and easy to fold, making this the perfect cushion to take anywhere. Shape Fitting Technology® provides unsurpassed comfort. The LTV is made of interconnected air cells that allow air to slowly transfer from chamber to chamber and evenly distribute body weight pressure.


The LTV Seat Cushion is available in one size. Two cover options are available: Quilted Fabric or Ultra Leather™


LTV Seat Cushion is great for:


Long car rides.


Airplane travel.


Stadium/Event seating.


Home seating.


Office seating.


Hospital guest chairs.


Dimensions width x depth One size. 18 in. x 16 in.

Height Adjustable 1 in. to 2 in.

Weight 2.2kg

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