Collection: Wheelchair Gloves RehaDesign

RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair Gloves: 

Quality half-finger leather wheelchair glove with a grippy palm material. This durable wheelchair glove is designed for improved traction for an active lifestyle, including sport and wet weather. Ultra-Grrrip Half Finger Wheelchair Gloves are our most popular wheelchair gloves.

Care Instructions:

  • Heat and water makes the dye transfer from the gloves to hands.
  • Advised to wash before use


Ultra-Grrrip 4 Seasons Wheelchair Gloves:

These full finger wheelchair gloves are identical to the gloves above, with the same leather and the same grip palm. The only difference is that the entire hand  is covered by the glove. These wheelchair gloves are ideal for year round use.


RehaDesign Gel-Palm Wheelchair Gloves

Same grip palm material as the Ultra-Grrrip gloves above, but there is a gel insert in the palm to help protect the hands from the impact from repeatedly striking the pushrims.  The back of the glove is made from absorbent terry material, with a reflective piping built in for nighttime safety. These gloves are built for comfort and everyday use. For more active use consider one of the two Ultra-Grrrip gloves above.

RehaDesign Strap N Roll Wheelchair Gloves

The gloves feature our unique patented design. It was designed for people with limited hand mobility. The glove opens wide so that it is easy to insert the hands and closes with a strap. There are no finger holes so it is easy to insert the hand and the fingers are free to move about. The palm side the grip is divided into two parts to create a "hinge" effect making the grip close easily and naturally around the push rim. The grip material is made of sturdy textured rubbery material which is designed to improve your grip on the wheelchair pushrim. The palm design is identical for Strap N Roll and Gator Gloves which are described below.

RehaDesign Gator Wheelchair Gloves:

Similar to the Strap N Roll, but this gloves closes with hook-and-loop (velcro-type) fastener. As a result, this gloves opens extremely wide like the mouth of an Alligator (thus the name "Gator Gloves") allowing the hands to be very easy inserted. This glove is a bit stiff when you first get it. But like quality leather shoes they become soft and comfortable as seen in this video