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Nosey Cup (LIV-PA16T144/1)

Nosey Cup (LIV-PA16T144/1)

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SKU: LIV-PA16T144/1

The Nosey Cup is an adapted drinking cups with a u-shaped cut out on one side. The special cut out provides space for the nose, allowing the user to tilt the cup for drinking without bending the neck or tilting the head. This nose cut out drinking cup is ideal for people who have limited range of motion of the head, neck or upper extremities, neck pain, or difficulty swallowing.

The Nosey Cup allow users to maintain proper head and neck positioning when drinking, allowing them to observe and follow safe swallowing recommendations. Each Nosey Cup is transparent allowing caregivers to monitor liquid intake easily. The Nosey Cup is made from translucent durable polypropylene plastic, and is institutional dishwasher safe, up to 228°F. Choose from the 4 oz. Nosey Cup, 8 oz. Nosey Cup,

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