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Prima Bath Step (BA - 170)

Prima Bath Step (BA - 170)

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SKU: BA - 170

The Prima Bath Step is a high quality height adjustable bath step, designed and produced by one of the most respected UK suppliers of bathing aids, with a real reputation for innovation and quality.

The modular design of the Prima Bath Step allows the user to adjust the steps height quickly and easily to the perfect height required to allow them to enter and exit the bath with far greater ease and safety. Supplied as a set comprising one main 50mm (2") high step and two 25mm (1") high raiser steps, each of which has a large flat surface area of 450mm x 350mm and built in non-slip pads for improved user safety, the Prima Bath Step is safe and secure in use and gives the user additional confidence. The steps minimum height is 25mm (1") and its maximum height is 100mm (4") in this format, but this can be increased to a maximum height of 355mm (14") by the use of additional 25mm (1") raiser steps which are also available to buy in this section of our shop.

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