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This is our lightest model and has no moving parts. A great choice for all environments, including water, sand and mud.

The Discovery is our lightest model of SideStix. Without any moving parts and requiring no maintenance, the Discovery can handle the toughest conditions that you throw at it including water, sand, and mud.

The Discovery is best for people who only walk shorter distances (under 1km) and have a more relaxed walking style. These people typically won’t need the damping shock absorber of the Boundless, and will benefit more from the Discovery’s lighter weight.

Right from the start we designed SideStix to be sleek, stylish, and silent. With a selection of lower tube wraps, you can blend in or stand out. The clamp system allows you to set the height exactly where you want it and lets you to swap out tubes and tips as you need, all while keeping them silent.

Made with aircraft-grade aluminum and carbon fiber, the Discovery is very lightweight (approximately 730g each) and extremely strong. We’ve stress-tested them for millions of cycles and had them independently tested and approved by the University of Pittsburgh Human Engineering Research Laboratories (ISO 11334-1: 2007).

Combining ergonomic angles with a completely custom-built approach means that every pair of SideStix fits perfectly. Once you submit your order, we analyze your measurements and then build each pair according to your dimensions and walking style. That means your pair of SideStix are just as unique as you

A number of options allow you to build the pair of SideStix that is right for you. These options include different grip styles, lower tubes made from carbon fiber or aluminum and also three different types of cuffs; a front cuff, a side cuff, and an open cuff. The front cuff is a standard cuff opening that allows you to easily get in and out of them while still giving good side to side support. The side cuff gives you great support, allows you to easily get in and out of them, but has the added benefit that they will stay on your arm while you reach for something. The open cuff gives you the most freedom, but provides the least amount of side to side support

The Discovery are compatible with all our accessories, meaning you can feel confident walking on any terrain. Grip Caps can help on trails or icy conditions, Sand Shoes will take you to beaches or through mud, and Snowshoes will take through powder snow in the mountains


  • Custom built based on your measurements
  • Choice of 3 different cuff styles
  • Leather cuff pads
  • Aluminum (6061) forearm assembly
  • Choice of 2 different grip styles
  • Carbon fibre lower tubes
  • 5” height adjustment
  • Fetterman Tornado Tips
  • Breaks down easily for travel or storage
  • High quality kit bag & tools
  • Compatible with all accessories and attachments
  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 300lbs/140kg (Please contact us if your weight exceeds this)
  • Weight: 730g each (approx.)

Best For:
Walking shorter distances or being in mud, sand, and water.

Includes Shock Absorber:

730g each.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cuff Styles:
Choice of 3 different cuff styles.

Includes Leather Cuff Pad:

Lower Tubes:
Choice of Carbon Fiber or Aluminum.

Includes Carrying Bag:

Custom Built To Your Measurements:

Compatible With All Accessories and Attachments:

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