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Gemstim TENS Machine (GEMSTIM)

Gemstim TENS Machine (GEMSTIM)

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A drug free pain relief solution, the Gemstim TENs unit is a cost-effective TENs unit ideal for single patient use either at home or on the go. The electronics of the unit creates electric impulses - the intensity, duration, frequency per second and modulation of these impulses can be adjusted through the switches. Please note the TENs unit should only be used in conjunction with advice or guidance from a healthcare professional familiar with TENs machines uses and their contraindications.

T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) is a type of electrotherapy equipment that works by sending small electrical pulses through the skin via tens unit electrodes to the underlying peripheral nerves. T.E.N.S. is thought to work in two ways. First, "high frequency" continuous, mild, electrical activity blocks the pain signal traveling to the brain. Brain cells perceive pain. If the pain signal does not get through to the brain, the pain is not "felt." The second way is by stimulating the body's own natural pain-control mechanism. "Low frequency" or short bursts of mild electrical activity cause the body to release its own pain easers called beta endorphins. Ask your doctor or clinician for more details on this type of electrotherapy equipment.

Electric myostimulation has proven its high value as a method of pain therapy and is a great help to the experienced therapist.

The unit is a dual-channel electric stimulator for active treatment application, which is equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display indicating operation modes and output as well as an 8-bit microcomputer for controlling the system.

The electronics of the unit create electric impulses: the intensity, duration, frequency per second and modulation of these impulses can be adjusted through the button or knob.

Unit comes complete with:

  • Four pre-wire reusable self-adhesive electrodes
  • 9-volt battery
  • Leads (two-channel)
  • Instruction manual
  • Compact, stylish carry case
  • Timer
  • 12-month warranty
  • FDA approved and CE marked.

Important Information:

There are contraindications to using a TENS machine including placement over the throat and if using a pacemaker or other ECG monitoring device. For a full list please read the warning, precautions and adverse reactions sections of the user manual before proceeding. Ensure you have read and understood the operating instructions. The information provided with this unit is for guidance only and should not replace advice provided by your health professional. 

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